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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Acton University 2012

I will be lecturing again this year at The Acton Institute's Acton University 2012. I will be reprising my lecture on The Ethics of Capital and Interest. I will be explaining the social benefit of capital as well as responding to various ethical criticisms of capital accumulation and interest. Alejandro Chafuen, Jeff Tucker, Peter Boetkke, Sam Gregg and others will also be lecturing there.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enterprise Not Aid

I am presently at Acton University 2011 where I will be lecturing over the next two days about the nature and function of money and the morality of capital and interest.  Last night during the evening session, The Action Institute announced it was launching a new initiative called PovertyCure. PovertyCure wants everyone to stop asking why are so many still so poor and begin asking the right question: what causes wealth?

As I point out in the introduction to my Economic Expansion and Development course at Grove City College, poverty is the historical norm. Instead of asking why are so many still poor, we should instead ask how did we become rich?  The short answer is we were allowed to take advantage of a more extensive division of labor using accumulated capital wisely invested by entrepreneurs. Aid breeds dependence. Enterprise breeds prosperity. That is the solution to poverty and that is the vision of PovertyCure. I encourage you to watch their video promo: