About the Book

As a Christian professor of economics I have often found myself at a loss when searching for a single text to teach students sound economic principles from a specifically Christian perspective. I have written Foundations of Economics: A Christian View to meet this need.

Foundations of Economics maintains that there is no conflict between Christian doctrine and economic science, properly understood. Therefore, the book has three goals: to demonstrate that the foundations of economic laws are derived from a Christian understanding of nature and humanity; to explain basic economic principles of the market economy and apply them to various economic problems, such as poverty and economic development; and to show the relationship between Christian ethics and economic policy.

Foundations of Economics is an introduction to economic principles. Readers will come away confident in the truth of economics as they discover that the fundamental principles of human action are rooted in the Christian doctrines of creation and humanity. Therefore a Christian view of God, man, and the universe provides a sound basis for economic law. Additionally, the Christian ethic of private property is integrated throughout the entire discussion of economic policy.

The book also explains the relevance of economics for fulfilling the cultural mandate set forth in the first two chapters of Genesis. Economics can help us in our task to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over the earth, without spoiling creation, starving to death, or descending into a barbaric struggle for survival. It is my hope that readers will understand how the Christian view of men and things allows us to discover economic laws that can be applied in ways that promote both prosperity and justice.

You can see the table of contents here.

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