Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Live Blogging Foundations of Economics

Jeff Tucker at Laissez-Faire books recently made the case for "live blogging a book." A live blog (as opposed to a dead blog) is different than a book review or report. It is a series of blogs about parts, sections, or chapters written as you proceed through the book.

Jason Jewell at The Western Tradition is doing essentially that with my Foundations of Economics: A Christian View. He is one of the great readers of our generation. On top of his monumental Great Books Project, he is plowing through my book in preparation for a panel devoted to my book at next month's Christian Scholars Conference at Libscomb University. And he is reading it with enough care to provide very thoughtful and accurate summaries of each chapter. Within the last week he has discussed Chapters 7 though 11 covering the topics production, capital, and income maximization; profit and interest; prices of factors of production; competition and the number of sellers; and, just today, the production structure and the social economy. Hats off to Dr. J. for his commitment to this work.

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