Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dellape on Klein and Foss on Entrepreneurship

My former student and Grove City College Economics alum, John Dellape has written an excellent chapter by chapter review of Peter Klein and Nicolai Foss' new book, Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgement: A New Approach to the Firm. Dellape is currently a fellow with the Pittsburgh Fellows Program and employed at Net Health Systems, Inc. He also writes for HansEconomics.com.

The book and Dellape's review are as timely as today's headlines. As Dellape says in the introduction of his review:
The book's aim is to integrate the study of entrepreneurship with the theory of the firm under economic analysis. Nationally and globally we are at a pivotal moment in which people need to understand how businesses function and the entrepreneurial abilities necessary for continued economic progress.

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