Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ritenour on the Lew Rockwell Show

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Lew Rockwell about the importance of economics and especially why it should be important for Christians. You can listen to my interview as a podcast of the Lew Rockwell Show.  As always, Rockwell was a very gracious host and it was an honor being invited.

During the interview I explain why I wrote my book Foundations of Economics and why people should read it. We also discuss the importance of understanding economic law as part of the created order, especially when we consider various policy questions.


  1. Great interview, Shawn. I liked the point you made regarding the parable of the vineyard owners, and I admit I never had thought of it in that way. To take it a step further, if what the owner did was wrong, then it would have been a situation of Jesus saying that God, too, is unfair, and the entire point of the parable would have been different than it was.