Friday, February 7, 2014

Mises Quote of the Day: Christianity and Capitalism

From Theory and History by Ludwig von Mises:

"There is nothing in any ethical doctrine or in the teachings of any of the creeds based on the Ten Commandments that could justify the condemnation of an economic system which has multiplied the population and provides the masses in the capitalistic countries with the highest standard of living ever attained in history. From the religious point of view, too, the drop in infant mortality, the prolongation of the average length of life, the successful fight against plagues and disease, the disappearance of famines, illiteracy, and superstition tell in favor of capitalism" (Theory of History, p. 343).

There  are some who wish to drive an immovable wedge between the economics of Ludwig von Mises and Christian faith and practice. Some have even argued, that Mises himself thought that sound economics was incompatible with Christianity. However, by the end of his life, (Theory and History was published in 1958, when Mises was 76 years old) he does not seem to have thought that there is such an inseparable gulf.

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