Thursday, February 4, 2016

Herbener to Give the Ludwig von Mises Lecture

It is my very great pleasure to share that my friend and department chair, Jeff Herbener will be giving the prestigious Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture at this year's Austrian Economics Research Conference at the Ludwig von Mises Institute at Auburn, Alabama. The conference will be held  March 31 through April 2. I encourage all who are interested in current scholarship in the Misesian tradition to register and attend.

I am convinced that Jeff is the most underrated Austrian economist working today. As Tom Woods is fond of noting, Jeff Herbener is the economist he has never been able to stump no matter what the question. He has a vast archive of written articles and recorded lectures available at He also has a variety of work for the public in the archive of The Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College. You can access an archive of much of his scholarly output by clicking here. He has edited two books, The Meaning of Ludwig von Mises and The Pure Time Preference of Interest and has contributed to Dissent on KeynesThe Great Austrian Economists and The Fed at One Hundred. He has also testified before a Congressional Sub-committee on the production of money and why we should eliminate the Federal Reserve. You can watch his testimony here:

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