Friday, May 27, 2011

James Grant on the Fed and Our Prospects for Inflation

As I've said before, I think James Grant is one of the best financial commentators working today. He is always full of insight, turns a phrase better than anyone in the business, and has a knack for using the fascinating historical anecdote in just the right way. He also tends to bring a proper sense of moral unction to issues of monetary policy. On top of that, you can count on his displaying proper neck wear.

He was recently interviewed by Consuela Mack of Wealthtrack and was as thought-provoking as usual. (Note: You'll have to wade through an opening commercial to get to the program).

Grant ably explains that real inflation is not rising prices, but an increasing money stock. He rightfully criticizes Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke for seeking to prevent what every consumer wants: lower prices. He also notes that whenever the money supply increases, prices are higher then they otherwise would be somewhere. If not in housing, then in commodities, food, energy, or equity stocks.

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