Thursday, November 3, 2011

Energy Policy and the Cost of Good Intentions

Timothy Terrell is one of the most insightful economists writing and lecturing on environmental economics today. He is to be commended for his outstanding new policy paper published by the Cornwall Alliance. The paper is entitled "The Cost of Good Intentions: The Ethics and Economics of the War on Conventional Energy" and is a tremendous exposition and critique of contemporary energy policy with the goal of helping Christians, and especially pastors, make sense of energy issues. Everyone interested in the stewardship of creation should read it.

The following is from the paper's Executive Summary:
The pastoral call requires shepherding a congregation through difficult circumstances, including challenges from the spiritual message and economic consequences of environmentalism. It is difficult to develop the knowledge and wisdom necessary to give biblical counsel on such issues, especially in light of complex scientific problems and intense policy debates. Yet the church must evaluate alarms raised about the environment and policies to address them. This paper is intended to assist ministry leaders, policy makers, regulators, and the public in understanding and applying biblical worldview, theology, and ethics, coupled with excellent science and economics, to promote a free, prosperous, and just society in a fruitful, beautiful, and safe environment.

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