Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Congratulations to This Year's Fox Prize Winners!

Each year at the Austrian Student Scholars Conference, the Richard E. Fox prizes for the best papers are awarded immediately before the Mises memorial lecture. Congratulations to the following participants for winning this year's prizes! 

First Prize of $1,000

Matthew McCaffrey, PhD student at the University of Angers, for his paper "Neglected Austrian Theories of Entrepreneurship: Bohm-Bawerk and Fetter"

Second Prize of $750

Soren Krieder, economics major at Grove City College, for his paper  Systemic Uncertainty: An Examination of Its Causes and Repercussions"

Third Prize of $500

Patrick Newman, economics and mathematics major at Rutgers University, for his paperA Defense of the Rothbardian Structure of Production” 

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