Saturday, July 28, 2012

Foundations of Economics is Two Years Old!

Two weeks ago, this blog turned two years old. Since its inception it has been my intention to provide basic economic analysis to economic theory and policy. I intend that policy to be firmly rooted in the property foundations of economic analysis, taking account of the nature of man and the created order. For those who are interested, the ten all-time most popular blog posts are as follows:

10. Black Tuesday, Federal Reserve Edition

 9. Titanic Fact and Fiction

 8. Capital in Proverbs

 7. Responding to Economic Recession: Like Japan, Like the United States

 6. Businesses Cannot Simply Pass on Taxes to Consumers

 5. Herbener to Testify on Federal Reserve

 4. Wages Sticky Downward?

 3. The Lack of Coincidence of Wants

 2. Confusing GDP with the Economy

and the all-time most read post on Foundations of Economics is. . .. .

 1. The German Hyperinflation

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