Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hulsmann on Bailouts

Guido Hulsmann
If you would like a quick, concise, yet intellectually rich explanation of the nature and consequences of financial bailouts, the Ludwig von Mises Institute has a webinar for you. Next Wednesday July 25th from noon to 1:30pm eastern time, Guido Hulsmann will be presenting "Bailouts 101." He will be talking about the rationale of bailouts, recapitalization, artificial markets, fictional accounting, and currency reforms. I have set in on several lectures by Hulsmann and they are always worth it. To gain access to the webinar, you must register at the Ludwig von Mises Institute website. The cost is $5.

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  1. I've journeyed from Germany to Belgium and France to attend Professor Hülsmann's lectures and seminars. It's always been a singularly enriching experience. He is a fabulous communicator; a deep, and honest scholar, genuinely in search of truth - just check his published output. By my experience, it is worth your while to drive even a long way for an encounter. What an opportunity of direct access this webinar is!