Wednesday, June 15, 2016

'Blind Robbery' Co-authored by Philipp Bagus Is Now Available in English

As reported on the BusinessWire:
 “The core problem of our society is its monetary system. It is a pure paper money standard, in which new money is created out of thin air and almost no citizen is conscious about this fact”, states Andreas Marquart, financial consultant and together with Philipp Bagus author of “Blind Robbery!: How the Fed, Banks and Government Steal Our Money”. Already a bestseller in Germany the book has now been published in English.

Together with Phillip Bagus, economic professor at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Marquart shows how money arises and why the current money is everything but good money. Furthermore the book explains the tremendous influence of the current bad money on almost every aspect of the society. It is certainly not limited to only the economic world. So Marquart and Bagus emphasize the importance of good and sound money for a society.  

Bagus gave the Sennholz Memorial Lecturer at the 2012 Austrian Student Scholars Conference at Grove City College. You can stream the lecture by clicking here. He is also author of In Defense of Deflation.This new books looks to be a welcome addition.