Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stewardship and Wind Energy

Scripture recognizes that the earth is the Lord's (Exod. 9:29; Ps. 24:1,  1 Cor. 10:26). This implies that when we make use of property to achieve our ends we have the responsibility to be good stewards. Some Christians believe that good stewardship requies a government directed alternative energy program of which wind is a prominent component.

Tracy Miller, another good colleague of mine, has an excellent blog post on wind energy that makes a fine supplement to my piece on energy in a free market. Miller cites Robert Bryce's The Wrong Way to Get Green, which explains that, all the propaganda to the contrary, wind energy is just not generally efficient at the present time.

Miller argues that due to the cost of wind energy exceeding its benefits:

the government should stop subsidizing and pressuring utilities to use wind energy and let the market determine how viable it is. Wind might be cost effective in some locations, but it is not economically viable on a large scale. 
He also references the importance of market prices for guiding economic decision makers toward energy production that reflects the wisest stewardship.

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