Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Scary Get's Scarier

This is about news that is a bit old, but it is as timely as the ongoing debate over quantitative easing. Business Insider posted an updated Scariest Job's Graph ever that now looks even scarier with unemployment rising again to 9,8%.

The Situation is even worse when we realize the larger employment picture. The number of unemployed out of work for more that fifteen weeks is again near 2010 highs. Civilian employment as a ration of population is at a recession low. Meanwhile, food stamp rolls continue to rise.

If we are in recovery, what is going on? Lew Rockwell explains. He says, correctly in my view:
Businesses thrive in an environment of freedom. But enterprise is no longer free in any area. In boom times, the consequences are less obvious. In the bust, the regulatory thicket, taxes and mandates, and legislative threats all become decisive in a way they were not before.

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